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PostSubject: Silver   Silver Icon_minitimeFri Jul 29, 2011 10:41 pm

Nickname: Silver
*Species: Lucario (Shiny)
*Gender: Male
*Domesticated: Wild
Nature: Stubborn
Sexual Preference: Bisexual - tends to like males more than females
*Bio: While he was a Riolu he was separated from his parents. Being young and alone he had to fight to survive against other pokemon and especially trainers. Though he is incredibly tough after having fought many different opponents, he still prefers to avoid fights if he can. He has yet to find a trainer with pokemon tough enough to take him down, but then again he hasn't ever had to fight his elemental weaknesses.

Now he tends to stay near the large cave system he's been in for the past year since he evolved. Prefering to avoid most trainers he stays in the darkness, either shielded by the dark of the cave or the dark of the night. He incredibly shy of others and tends to stay away from people more than ever before. Usually he only wonders out at night to avoid the majority of trainers. Despite being a bit of a loner and extremely shy he has an air of calmness and welcoming around him. He's very nice once someone gets to know him, however getting close enough and getting him to trust you is the hard part.
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Gawain Halwende
Gawain Halwende

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PostSubject: Re: Silver   Silver Icon_minitimeThu Oct 06, 2011 7:59 pm

Silver sounds a bit like Gaw, except instead of being shy, Gaw is just a dick.

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