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 Death the immortal buizel

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death the immortal buizel
death the immortal buizel

Death the immortal buizel Empty
PostSubject: Death the immortal buizel   Death the immortal buizel Icon_minitimeThu Apr 28, 2011 10:30 pm

[b][i]Pokemon Character Skeleton
Nickname:Death the buizel
*Domesticated: Wild
Sexual Preference:female
*Bio:a buizel thats immortal but doesn't know how he got such a power.He doesnt remeber anything but the only thing he can remeber is his family was killed by humans and trainers the bad ones.he seek revenge on them but for now he trys to get him memory back and wants to help all the pokemon that dealed with the same feath Death did.
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Gawain Halwende
Gawain Halwende

Death the immortal buizel Empty
PostSubject: Re: Death the immortal buizel   Death the immortal buizel Icon_minitimeTue May 10, 2011 5:26 am

I like it.
Approved, two thumbs up.

Now that you are approved, you can do just about anything! The thing that I would start with, however, is messaging somebody on the site that you would like to get to know better (though, as of today, May 10th, 2011, I am the only one who ever gets online). Though, you may also go to the main forums to post a follow up on where your character is in the public story. It would seem that Kado (Anthro-Charmeleon) and Ryu (Anthro-Lucario) are going to a gym in Goldenrod. Ace (Quilava), D (Ditto), and Gaw (Shinx) are on the outskirts of Goldenrod. If I were you, though I am not, I would suggest you have some sort of interaction with Gaw the Shinx, as to pull him away from the group, that way you and he can have their tangent, without the need of Ace or D to post. If you want, I can have Gaw step away for a moment, to catch air, with which you can make your entrance.

Another thing the people here at SDPYS seem to like to do (I know Gem, Gaw, and Hasquet do this more than frequently), is one on one roleplay. That is, to roleplay with just one other person (outside of the public RP) through the use of Private Messaging. If you think that is more something you would like to do, feel free to message any of those three, or anybody on the site, and (being who they are [were]) they are likely to accept!

Everybody here is (was) great and friendly, and are not likely to disapprove of any decision you make, so you have the liberty to do as you please. Thank you for joining (the broken but still trying) SDPYS! If you have any questions, feel free to message Kado or Ryu, the Admins of the site (who will not respond until they get back online who knows when), or any of the Moderators; Gawain Halwende (who plans to get on as long as you do!).

At your service!

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Death the immortal buizel
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