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 Caracter Creation Rules

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Caracter Creation Rules Empty
PostSubject: Caracter Creation Rules   Caracter Creation Rules Icon_minitimeThu Jul 01, 2010 12:22 pm

Please follow everything in the character skeleton. There are three different types of skeletons.


Choose which ever one according to the type of character you are making. If you do not follow the character skeleton, your character will be rejected. If you miss anything on the skeleton, you will be informed of it and you will have to fix it before you are able to post.

Please do not post until your character has been accepted.

Make your character somewhat serious.
I've made a character on another forum before that was searching for the Perfect Pumpkin Pie and he was completely nuts. Stuff like that is okay.
I've seen a rejected character on another forum that used a... how would I put this... and adult toy as a weapon. Stuff like that will be immediately rejected and your profile will be deleted without hesitation.

Please follow these rules and if you have any questions, PM me or just post your question in this section. Enjoy the site and have fun.
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Caracter Creation Rules
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